• EducationQuest Foundation helps students and parents with quesitons on filling out the FAFSA form, financial aid, questions on colleges, and career choices. Click on the link and explore their website to checkout their services. There is no charge for their services.

    The following free tools are designed to help students with college and career planning. Click on each of the links to find out more information on these helpful tools. These tools can be found on the EducationQuest Foundation website.

    Welcome to the Activities Resume! This free tool will help you track your extracurricular activities, honors and awards throughout high school. Then the information is available when it’s time to apply for a job, college admission and scholarships.

    The College Funding Estimator estimates the results of your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Financial Aid). The FAFSA is the application for federal, state and college-based financial aid. You’ll complete and submit the FAFSA after January 1 of your senior year of high school – and every year that you’re in college.The College Funding Estimator asks the same questions, and uses the same calculation, as the FAFSA. The results will help you plan financially for college, understand the financial aid process, and determine if you qualify to apply for “need-based” scholarships. This tool is helpful for parents with sophomores, juniors and seniors as they prepare for college expenses.

    College Profiles is a free college search tool that will help you find schools that fit the criteria you’re seeking. It has information on colleges in Nebraska and across the country.

    Reality Check lets student know how much they'll have to earn to support their future desired lifestyle