• Click here to begin the Free Application For Student Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA is the application that all students must complete if they wish to receive financial aid to attend College. The FAFSA cannot be completed until the income taxes for parents and students have been completed.

    FSA ID

    A parent and student must have a FSA ID which is your electronic signature for the FAFSA. YOu may obtain a FSA ID at the following link. https://studentaid.ed.gov/sa/fafsa/filling-out/fsaid



    Federal Deadline

    Online applications must be submitted by midnight Central Daylight Time, June 30.
    Any corrections or updates must be submitted by midnight Central Daylight Time, September 15.


    State Deadline

    Nebraska - Check with your financial aid administrator.


    College Deadline
    Each college may have a different deadline. Check with the college(s) you are interested in attending. You may also want to ask your college about their definition of an application deadline - whether it is the date they receive your FAFSA, or the date your FAFSA is processed.