• Financial Aid

    Direction for completing the FAFSA-Provides information for students applying for federal student aid. Includes advice on how to complete the FAFSA.

    Free Application of Federal State Aid-Fill out and transmit the Free Application for Federal State Aid. FAFSA on the Web is fast, easy, and more accurate then on paper.

    FSA ID-This is your electronic signature for FAFSA and Renewal FAFSA on the Web. Use the PIN to access your student aid history online. Use it to correct your Student Aid Report online.

    Student Loan Resource Links -At this site you will find useful information about grants, scholarships, and the application process. You will also find several links to information about colleges. You will also find links to extracurricular fun and learning.

    Fastweb Scholarship Search- Here you will find the internet's largest free scholarship search. FastWEB will match your skills, abilities, and iteressts to fastWEB's database for over 400,000 scholarships.

    Financial Aid Estimator- The Financial Aid Estimator allows you to find what financial aid you are able to recieve just by answering a few questions.

    UNL Office of Scholarships- The UNL Scholarship Department gives information on financial aid programs, and includes scholarship programs and updated student guides.

    Scholarship Search- This site contains information about financial aid as well as college rankings and opinions about colleges along with resources for finding and financing the college of your choice.

    Scholarship Search- This site is an excellent place to search for scholarships or grants. The Student Services link has 180,000 scholarships and grants. You can type in your major and it takes you to the scholarships for that major.

    Office of Postsecondary Education- This page offers links to up-to-date news and highlights of colleges and universities and has links to financial aid and funding for professionals, grad, and under grad students, along with links to other government education web sites.

    Education Quest Foundation -The EQF offers free planning tools to help you prepare for college, apply for financial aid, and to help simplify loan repayment.

    Scholarship Scams- This web site alerts students as to the danger of getting caught in a scholarship scam while looking for money for college.