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  • Senior Parent Presentation

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  • ACT Codes

    The following codes must be used to have your ACT score sent directly from ACT to the college or if you are planning to take part in athletics at Division 1,2 3 or at the NAIA division must be sent directly to eligibility center.
    ACT Codes
    University of Nebraska-Lincoln 2482
    University of Nebraska-Omaha 2464
    NCAA Eligibility Center 9999
    NAIA Eligibility Center 9876

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  • Selective Service registration IT

    Male students who turned 18 must register for Selective Service
    before they can receive any financial aid to attend college. Registration
    can be done by seeing the counselor, or by clicking on the link listed
    at the bottom of this page.

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  • Free Application For Student Aid (FAFSA)

    Students and Parents are encouraged to complete the FAFSA form electronically by clicking on the FAFSA link at the bottom of this page. By completing the FAFSA electroncially you will receive your information in a matter of days instead of weeks.

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  • Job Shadowing

    Students who wish to experience a possible career by job shadowing are allowed to do so.The student must contact the company and arrange the job shadowing experience. The student must then bring back the scheduled times for job shadowing to the counselor or principal.

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  • Students and Parents search possible Career and College Interests

    Nebraska Career Connections- provides educational and career planning resources for middle and high school students to help learn about themselves, build education plans, and prepare for various options after high school. Nebraska Career Connections also provides resources for parents and educators.

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  • Beware of scholarship and financial aid scams

    Applying for scholarships or financial aid is free. If you are asked to pay a fee then most likely the scholarship or financial aid is a scam. Here are some helpful tips.
    1. If the scholarship is guarnteed. Legitimate scholarship sponsors will not guarntee you scholarship money.
    2. If they offer to do all the work for you.
    3. You have to pay a fee.
    4. Money-back guarntee.
    5. Request your credit …

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  • Seniors check the Scholarship page & YOUR File

    Seniors are reminded to continually check the scholarship page for updated scholarship information. Students will be able to either apply online or download the scholarship application and then type on it. Scholarship applications should be typed. Seniors will also be able to access their own scholarship file in the counselor's office. Seniors should check their own file for updated scholarship …

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  • New FAFSA Information

    FAFSA is now requiring your Tax information to complete the FAFSA needs to be downloaded directly from the IRS. This means for financial aid a parent and student will need to complete their taxes as quickly as they can so the FAFSA can be completed. The IRS is saying that it takes about two weeks to upload your tax information for you to use to complete the FAFSA. If parents or students should …

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  • Parent email addresses..

    Parents please make sure the counselor's office has your main email address as college information, finanical aid information, and scholarship information is sent out via email. If you should have any questions, feel free to contact the counselor's office.

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  • Needing Help to Complete The FAFSA?

    Parents and Students are reminded that your taxes should be completedas soon as you can after January 1 to complete the FAFSA for the next school year. If you wish to receive help with completing the FAFSA form; you should contact the EducationQuest Foundation Office in Lincoln at 1-800-303-3745 to set up an appointment. Also be sure to check with you college for their deadline to submit the …

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  • EducationQuest Foundation

    Students and parents click on the EducationQuest Foundation link on the right side of this page to help with your college, financial aid questions, or career planning.You may also contact the EducationQuest Foundation by phone at 1-800.303.3745

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  • It's FAFSA Time...

    Parents and students will need to try and get their taxes completed as quickly as they can after January 1 so they information can be used on the FAFSA application. Remember you must file a FAFSA if you are seeking financial aid to attend college. If you are needing help to complete the FAFSA please contact the EducationQuest office in Lincoln at 1-800-303-3745 to schedule an appointment to …

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  • Electronic Pin and Parents are required to obtain an electronic pin which serves as their signature on the FAFSA form . You may obtain a pin by clicking on Pin link at the bottom of this page.

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  • College or Military Reps visiting our School

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